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Case Study: Scaling Social to Deepen Community Connection
BOK Financial is a financial services partner for consumers, businesses and wealth clients with more than 150 users on the Denim Social platform.
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Getting Started With Paid Social Media Advertising for Financial Institutions

Paid social is one of the most effective ways to introduce people who aren’t yet following your producers, agents, loan officers, or advisors to your financial institution at the right place and the right time.

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Social Media Trend Report: A Marketer's Guide to Social Selling

This guide will not only educate you on the latest trends, but help you make the case for increased investment in social selling and digital marketing strategies at your institution.Whether you’re in banking, mortgage, insurance or wealth management, we see a few key trends that every financial institution should begin preparing for.

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How To Launch A Social Selling Program for a Financial Institution
By now marketers and business leaders are familiar with social media and see the opportunity to build their brand, but most have only scratched the surface. To truly unleash the potential of social, financial institutions need to use social media as a sales tool. It’s called social selling and it works.
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ABA Case Study: How Banks Are Ramping Up Digital Engagement To Build Sales
The power of social media is undeniable. The ability of banks to engage with and influence customers and prospects via interactive digital channels is an essential tool and a cornerstone of marketing
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Using Social Media Analytics to Enhance Your Financial Institution's Marketing Strategy
As any marketer worth their salt will tell you, analytics should drive your social strategy. The key to success is understanding how to link social media efforts to ROI metrics. Read this guide to learn how to gain insights that matter, optimize your strategy and prove your social success.
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Improving Social Media Performance With Evolve Bank & Trust
Evolve Bank & Trust (“Evolve”) is an $700M+ asset institution with nearly 40 Home Loan Centers (HLC) and nearly 500 employees nationwide. See how Denim Social helped Evolve activate Home Loan Center Facebook pages over the course of just a few months.
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Stronger Customer Relationships on Instagram 
Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. The platform has one billion monthly active users, including 130 million in
the U.S. alone. Keep these best practices in mind as you join the ranks of businesses finding value in building stronger customer relationships.
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How 6 Financial Marketers Are Creating Value in Social Media
Ever wonder how others are succeeding in social media? This guidebook includes 6 firsthand accounts from financial marketers making the most of social media.
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COVID-19 & Bank Social Media
Download and learn the guiding principles for using social media to serve both your customers and communities in the midst of a pandemic. 
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Social Media Compliance Check-Up
Is Your Bank’s Social Media Policy Compliant? Get this guide to understand what the FFIEC says and how you can answer effectively tackle common questions. 
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The Social Selling Playbook for Financial Advisors
Learn how financial advisors can use social media to position themselves as thought leaders in their field while leveraging the collective reach of their social media presences. Ultimately, see how to build trust with real people that translates into tangible business results.
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3 Mortgage Lenders Crushing it in Social Media
Learn how these 3 institutions are translating their social strategy into real business results. Mortgage lenders can present themselves to their communities as thought leaders and built trust with their connections on social media to drive business. 
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A Guide To Helping Mortgage Loan Officers Achieve Success With Social Media Marketing
It’s no surprise that social media can help drive results for your mortgage business. In fact, the question for most marketers at mortgage lending institutions isn’t IF they should be doing more social media marketing - it’s HOW. 
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5 Compliance Questions for Mortgage Marketers
Compliance is complicated, but don’t let it stop your lending team from making the most of social media. Think you’re ready to start social selling? Ask yourself these five questions!
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ABA Study: The Current State of Social Media
See what nearly 430 bank marketers had to say when asked questions such as: Is it important to equip your sales personnel with social media accounts?
Does your bank measure the impact of your social media use?
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5 Compliance Questions for Financial Marketers
Compliance is complicated, but don’t let it stop your lending team from making the most of social media. Think you’re ready to start social selling? Ask yourself these five questions!
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A Case Study: Streamlining Social Selling at Scale for AnnieMac
AnnieMac is one of the fastest-growing mortgage loan providers in the U.S., serving clients in 42 states. Learn how Denim Social helped their team to streamline its brand’s social media strategy and activate social selling for hundreds of loan officers in just four months.
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Driving Your Mortgage Business with Social Media
Read this guidebook from Denim Social to learn how you can help your loan officers build strong relationships, stand out from the crowd and win more business using social media.
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2020 Social Media Benchmark Report For FIs
Find out how more than 400 financial institutions across asset classes, geographies, and more used social media in 2020 to effectively support their business objectives. We’ve also outlined key trends to inform your social media future.
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The Social Selling Playbook for Financial Marketers 
Drive business with the lowest digital spend compared to traditional media.
Position employees as thought-leaders while leveraging their collective reach of their social media presence. Ultimately, build trust with their communities and customers that translates to positive business results
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How to Structure A Bank Marketing Department
Which roles do you fill when building your bank's marketing dream team? This guide will show you who does what, the right structure to execute strategy, and how compliance software can help.
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The Social Selling Playbook for Banks
Position your bank as a leader using social media, leveraging the collective reach of your users to build trust with communities and customers to ultimately drive real business results.
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Engage with consumers on social media, deepen relationships with your communities and close more deals while staying in compliance.

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